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How can I place an order?
All orders can be placed via our website, simply select any 10 flavour slices you want and we’ll do the rest.
Where can I get my order delivered?
We can deliver your cake to Police Stations, Universities or Hospitals but the best and safest place for a delivery is a residential address.
How long will it take for my cake to arrive?
You can get SAME DAY DELIVERY before 10am! 
Can I order my cake anonymously?
Yep, you can send any special person a customised kerbside creamery cake.
How can I pay for my cakes?
We accept ordinary debit card payments as well as PayPal and AfterPay for your convenience.
Are the Kerbside Creamery cakes vegan, gluten free or dairy free?
We’re working on a range of vegan, gluten and dairy free option but for now our cakes are not vegan, gluten or dairy free.
Are the Kerbside Creamery cakes Halal?
Our cakes and any/all toppings used are 100% halal.
Are Kerbside Creamery cakes nut free?
Our cakes may contain traces of nuts.